Vision correction

Intraocular lens used in Boston laser eye surgical procedure

Lasik treatment is commonly done to enhance the vision of your eye. Laser surgery definitely suits to your eye and it is safe method to do. Enhance the vision power of eye with the help of surgery done by our eye care specialists. Laser treatments are becoming more advanced nowadays because peoples are not interested in wearing contact lenses and specs. Lasik surgery enhances your vision power and minimizes disease in eye. Our laser vision correction center has achieved many successful surgeries in ophthalmological field. If you have poor vision in case of short sight, long sight, hyperopia. A lens is present at the top portion of natural eye. The lenses are fixed to the surface of the eyes by the use of laser light. The intraocular lenses are made to remain in the eye for a lifetime. The power lenses are used to treat patients with in corneas and dry eyes. These kinds of lenses are fixed for patients who are affected by deep vision problems.

eye surgery
eye surgery

Operative treatments and procedures done after laser surgery

Operative treatments include various surgical techniques directed at correcting the abnormality found on physical exam. When there is visual field impairment, laser eye procedures are considered to be reconstructive. You should be in good health. You should discuss this with your surgeon. Weigh the risks and rewards of surgery. If you're happy wearing contacts or glasses, you need not use the surgery. Make sure you have realistic expectations from the surgery.

Significant precautions to be carried out after the laser eye surgery

Reshaping cornea enhances focusing power to a greater extent. The benefits realized by our patients involve lifestyle changes. Healing is relatively fast, but you want to take a complete rest from work after the surgery. If you feel a mild burning or sensation for a few hours after surgery please don’t rub your eye. Just approach your doctor, who will prescribe a painkiller that will ease your anxiety.

Know functioning of cornea and enhance the vision by laser surgery

In the common eye, the cornea is placed to the centre of your eye. The function of cornea is to focus light onto the retina. When it views any light, a signal is passed to the nerves in brains. For the near sighted eye the light seems to be blur and irritating. In this situation the cornea focuses light in front of the retina. For the farsighted eye, you can see blur light is focused behind the eye. A short flap occurs when the precision flap-making instrument cannot complete its movement. As a result, the flap becomes too small, leaving insufficient space for the laser treatment to be done. The flap is repositioned and the laser is not performed. A free flap occurs when the flap becomes detached from the cornea. This complication is extremely rare with advanced technology. In order to ensure perfect alignment, once the laser treatment is complete, the surgeon marks the cornea before creating the flap.